Whatsapp Update for Android introduces Call Waiting Feature

The latest Whatsapp update for Android has introduced a very useful feature. This new feature would notify the users about any incoming Whatsapp voice calls that they would be getting amidst a current voice call. It would enable the users to exit their current Whatsapp voice call and answer the incoming voice call with just one click of a button. Previously, WhatsApp users had to wait till the end of their ongoing voice call to get notified about any missed calls. This resulted in users not being able to attend any important Whatsapp voice call amidst an ongoing call.

Latest Whatsapp Update for Android provides improved voice call service

The call waiting feature of Whatsapp would make the Internet Voice call experience of the users more pleasant. It would also be beneficial whenever a user would be getting a number of voice calls on WhatsApp at nearly the same time.

Once the user would update their Whatsapp application, every time the user would receive an incoming call while attending an ongoing call, they would be given two options- “Ignore” and “Accept”. If the user would want to continue the current call they can click on the ignore button. But if the user would like to attend the new call, then he/she can do this by clicking on the End and Accept button. When the user would click on the “End and Accept” button, the current call would be exited and the user would be able to attend the new call. However, one of the limitations of this new Whatsapp feature is that it does not provide the user with the option to put a call on hold.

The latest Whatsapp update for Android has introduced this new Call Waiting Feature. The version number of the latest Whatsapp update is 2.19.360 and was released on December 9th, 2019. The size of the Whatsapp version 2.19.360 is around 22.72 MB and can be downloaded from the Google Playstore.

Other New Features

Apart from the call waiting features, the Whatsapp update 2.19.360 has also added two other major features. The first feature provides the users with the power to choose the people who can add you to groups. For enabling this option, you will have to go to the Settings, then Accounts, followed by Privacy and Groups. Another important feature added by the latest Whatsapp update for android is that of Fingerprint-based unlock feature. The users can now configure their Whatsapp to unlock via their fingerprint with the help of this feature. For enabling this feature, the user would have to do the following:

Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint Lock

Inside the fingerprint lock settings, the user would have to enable the Unlock with Fingerprint option.

All these Whatsapp features introduced by the update version number 2.19.360 would serve the users in a better way. Hence, do not forget to install the latest WhatsApp for android to avail these features. Also, if interested in reading more, then do go through other articles available on this website.

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