WhatsApp has no longer available in Nokia S40 series

WhatsApp is an application that is found in everyone’s mobile in today’s time. So WhatsApp has just said that some mobile phones or people can say that the operating system cannot be used WhatsApp right now. After 2020, WhatsApp will not work in the older version of the iPhone and Android, and this year i.e., until December 31, 2018, WhatsApp will not work in the old Nokia devices that is Nokia S40. After 2020, there is an old version of Android which is 2.3.7 and the old version of the IOS 7 and older of the iPhone, will not work in WhatsApp, so WhatsApp has said.


WhatsApp has no longer available in Nokia S40 series

Apart from this, there are more devices where WhatsApp will not work, since 2020, then all those devices are named Blackberry 10, Blackberry OS, Nokia Symbian S60, Windows phone 8.0. WhatsApp does not want to develop WhatsApp app for all these platforms, or you can say you do not want to invest, so that’s going to stop making your app for all these platforms since 2020. So that’s why WhatsApp is going to remove his service from all these platforms since 2020.

By December 31, 2018, the Nokia S40 is mobile which could be used for WhatsApp, but after that, all of those devices cannot be used for WhatsApp because WhatsApp has removed its service from all those platforms. You cannot use WhatsApp in all the Mobiles i.e. Nokia s40. In the Nokia S40 series, a lot of mobile phones were made by Nokia, then some of those mobile phones have been named below. If you are currently using any of these series phones then you will not be able to use WhatsApp on your phone.

So all those phones are named – Nokia Asha 201, Nokia Asha 205, Nokia Asha 210, Nokia Asha 230, Nokia Asha 500, Nokia Asha 501, Nokia Asha 502, Nokia Asha 503, Nokia 206, Nokia 208, Nokia 301, and Nokia 515.

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