Tropico- the popular City Builder game is now available for Android. Read for full details

On 5th September, 2019, Feral Interactive released Tropico- a popular City Builder game for Android. Tropico is the port for Tropico 3, which was released for PC and Xbox 360 in the year 2009. Feral Interactive, the creators of Tropico for android, have previously worked on the Android version of the massively successful PC game called Rome:Total War and it’s expansion- Barbarian Invasion.  In this article we will be providing you with all the major details with regards to Tropico so that you can decide whether the game is worth playing or not.


About Tropico

Tropico is a Strategy based City Building and Management game where the players will be taking decisions to develop Tropico, which is a semi-democratic banana republic of islands. It is a beautiful group of islands located in the carribean sea with high amount of natural resources. Tropico is in urgent need of modernization and you being the ruler of the Tropico, are required to take decisions and formulate policies to bring the nation to the modern age. Till date a total of 6 games have been released under the Tropico franchise for both console and PC.


At the beginning of the game the players are required to select the avatar of the leader (El Presidente). The avatar of the leader can be a custom one or that of real leaders/dictators like Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, etc. During the game, the players are provided with a budget and they  be required to run the city without going over budget. The players will be able to build roads and buildings in the game. They will also have to make and change Military, Trade & Foreign Policies for shaping the cities of Tropico. The players can either make Tropico a prosperous and economically stable Nation, by taking good decisions or can run the city into debts and crysis by taking wrong decisions and making lavish expenditures.

The game also has various political elements like recounting elections, managing opinions of public and rewarding the loyal followers. The happiness index of citizens is one of the crucial parameters in the game that is used to determine whether the decisions being taken by the gamers are being appreciated by the citizens of Tropico or not. Hence, taking decisions in the favour of citizens would increase the Citizen Happiness Index whereas on the other hand taking decisions not in the favour of citizens such as lowering the salary of the workers would reduce the Citizen Happiness Index.


The controls of the game are intuitive, good and enables players to easily zoom in and zoom out over the cities of Tropico. The players can zoom in to have a good look at the streets and it’s people or can zoom out to view the whole island. Players can also view the cities of Tropico from different views by rotating the camera. The highly detailed graphics of Tropico provide good quality view of the buildings and people from vicinity when we use the street level view.The game also has an Architect View so that the players can properly select right locations for building their city infrastructure.


Tropico has very good graphics, according to the standards of the smartphone games and showcases the geography of Tropico in an alluring manner. In this game, you will get to view heavily vegetated hilly terrains, sea coasts and beaches. The water effect in the game looks very realistic as the light from the sun gets reflected on the surface of the sea. The players would need a smartphone with high specifications to be able to enjoy playing this game. Since Tropico is not likely to run all smartphones, the developer of Tropico has released the list of smartphones which can support this game. You can check the list of all supported smartphones by going to the official website of the Feral Interactive to know whether your smartphone can run the game or not.

[appbox googleplay com.feralinteractive.tropico3]

Tropico is available in the Google play store and has been priced at Rs.1,100. Tropico has been made for players who are 16 years old or above and features strong violence. The game has the size of 2.5 GB and would run on smartphones with Oreo OS or higher. The graphics of Tropico is one of the major plus point for the game. So if you want a console quality smartphone game and if building, developing and managing cities and nation is your type of game, then you should give Tropico a go. At the time of writing, Tropico had a score of 4.2 stars in the Google playstore and was the 2nd highest paid game in the playstore.

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