Top 05 Reminder Apps for Android 2021

Top 05 Reminder Apps for Android 2021: Have you ever faced a situation where you completed a number of tasks and thought that the whole day’s work is complete? But in a turn of events, you release that you forgot to do a task assigned to you. If you tend to forget things easily then you require a companion who can stay with you all the time and remind you about all the tasks to be done. In this digital age, who can be a better companion than a good reminder app for taking care of all your work needs. Hence, today we have brought to you the list of Top 5 Reminder Apps. After thorough study and analysis, we have chosen the very best Reminder Apps for you that are available in the Google Play store. All the Reminder apps featured in this list can be used for planning your hectic office works and/or your recreation activities. The list starts with the 5th Best Reminder App, which is:

Top 05 Reminder Apps


Top 05 Reminder Apps for Android 2021


5. ToDoist

ToDoist is a popular reminder app available in the Google Play store. You can easily create reminders within this app by clicking on “+” button, entering Reminder text, date & time, and then clicking on the Submit Button. You can also decide the priority, add notes and labels to make the reminders more effective. The users can also share reminders with other people, with whom they are working on the same project. Since, users can share their reminders with others, this app is good for maintaining coordination within Teams in office.

The app also enables users to upload documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and pictures so that they can quickly start working on a project as soon as you get the reminder. This app also shows you all the reminders of the Next 7 days of work at one place so that you can know about all your upcoming tasks in advance. One limitation of this reminder app is that it does not have the Repeat feature. Hence, you would have to set reminders for recurring tasks manually.

You can filter task reminders on the basis of priority and various custom criteria. You can also measure your work productivity with the help of this app. Todoist also makes you know about your Karma (Work) level based on the number of works completed by the users. The Karma Level starts with “Beginners” and goes up to “Enlightened”. Todoist is a good app but you will have to purchase the Premium app to get access to most of its features. Hence, you should opt for this app only if you are willing to purchase the Premium app.

  • Cloud storage for access over multiple devices
  • Labels for classification of reminders
  • Custom Filters
  • Provides Productivity statistics
  • Search bar for finding out the needed reminders


4. Any.Do is one of the best apps in the Google play store for planning our daily activities. This app would remind you to call back to people whose call you weren’t able to receive. Any. Do saves all your reminders over cloud, so that you can access your reminders across various devices. Setting reminders in Any. Do is easy as the user only has to enter the reminder description, and then select the day and time.

The app also recommends day and time options for your reminders, (such as-  Tomorrow Morning, Next Week, Someday and Custom) and the users can also select from a total of 18 reminder prefixes. Both the day options and prefixes make it easy to set reminders. Apart from reminder description, the users can also add sub reminders, notes, videos, images and audio recordings. The app also prompts you everyday to set reminders regularly, so that you can plan your daily work.

The app also has the snooze feature for rescheduling work reminders, if work to be done gets postponed. has one of the best list making feature, especially for creating shopping lists. We can use this app for creating different shopping lists for different shops, which can help us to organise the items to be purchased in a convinient way. The premium version of provides a number of other features, some of which are- unlimited daily planner, 100gb cloud space and location-based reminders.

  • Good shopping list creation feature [Unique Feature]
  • Calendar View for reminders
  • Can save reminders in PDF form for printing


3. Tasks

Tasks is a very good reminder app with a Simple and Colourful user Interface. It has a rating of 4.8 stars in the Google play store. When you first install this app, you are prompted to create your desired reminder lists. Creating reminders in this app is easy. The users can click on the “+” button in the app, enter the reminder text and click on the Submit button to create a Reminder or they can directly start typing in the textbox below to create quick tasks. The users can also add Notes, subtasks, repeat, and priority below the reminders.

All the added tasks can be easily rearranged by dragging the tasks via click on the grip portion at the side.  You can also sort the reminders according to various criterias such as- priority, due date, alphabets and completed. The created Task reminders can be shared with others through tweets, messages, Whatsapp, Gmail and a variety of other methods.  All the deleted reminders go to the Delete Items list, from where these can be retrieved, if accidentally deleted.

Tasks also allow users to create filtered lists. In the filtered lists, you can add normal Reminder Sublists and apply certain filters to view only the needed reminders. In order to help users to quickly find out their required reminder, Tasks has a search bar at the top where the users can type the part of a reminder text to find it.

  • Search Bar on the top makes searching for reminders very easy
  • Reminders can be rearranged easily
  • Can make Filtered Lists [Unique Feature]
  • Accidently deleted reminders can be retrieved from “Deleted Items” list


2. Ike

Ike is created upon the method of Eisenhower, which proposes to categorize tasks on the basis of priority. Since, prioritization of tasks is the first thing done by this app, it is the best app for setting priority based reminders. The user interface is colorful, simple and very easy to use. The app also has attractive animations for showing the completion or deletion of tasks. You can also create various Reminder Lists. Inside the reminder lists, you can store reminders in one out of 4 categories.

Adding Reminders is easy as the user only has to click on the center “+” button and drag the button in any one of the diagonal directions to choose one of the reminder priority categories. There are 4 reminder priority categories in this app, which are- Focus, Goals, Fit in and Backburner. You can rename these reminder categories and also change the colour.

You can add notes, images and audio to your reminders, But for using the images and audio features you will have to upgrade to the pro version. You can also configure the app for setting the default ringtime for all day long tasks and the default due time for reminder.

  • Best app for priority based reminders
  • Can add images and audio to the reminders
  • Attractive User Interface with transformation animations
  • Can simply swipe a task to right to mark it as complete
  • Location Based Reminders {Pro Feature}


1. Tick Tick

This app has a calendar that shows the tasks of the seven days of the week. Hence, the users can know about the tasks that are overdue or completed and the tasks that are to be done in upcoming days, all at one place. You can also create various reminders lists according to your needs. In the reminder list, the overdue tasks, present day’s tasks, upcoming day’s tasks and the completed tasks are shown in linear order.

For setting reminders, the users have to click on the “+” button, then enter the reminder text and then click on the “Submit” button. The users can also choose the priority level, create tags and select the reminder list for the reminders. This app is very effective for creating a large number of quick tasks within a short period of time. The tags feature of Tick Tick is very helpful in classifying the reminders for fast access.

The feature which separates, Tick Tick from other reminder apps is the POMO timer, which can be used to maintain our focus on work. By default, POMO timer provides 25 minutes time for work, after which, it provides 5 minutes of short break time. A Long break is provided to users after every 3 short breaks. The POMO timer is a great feature for improving your productivity, if you tend to loss focus from work after a short period of time.

  • POMO Timer for maintaining focus on work [Unique Feature]
  • Tags for Classification and Searching of Reminders
  • Can create Smart Reminder Lists {Premium Feature}
  • Deleted Reminders are sent to “Trash” list
  • Can edit multiple reminders at the same time

We hope that you are able to make your life more productive by using one of the above-listed reminder apps. If you have any queries do contact us here.

Note: Some Smartphones have Power Saving Mode which can sometimes prevent some of these reminder apps from functioning properly. In order to prevent issues, you should add the reminder app to your whitelist by going to Settings ➡️ Battery ➡️ Custom Power Saver.

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