Tap Tap Fish- Abyssrium Pole: a unique eco- system building game, released for Android and iOS today

Tap Tap Fish: Abyssrium Pole, one of the most anticipated Android game of early 2020, with around 1 million pre-registrations, got released today. It is a clicker, where players would be clicking on various elements to complete tasks and proceed forward in the game. The game is the sequel to Abyssrium, which is a well received game with over 10 million dowloads and 4.4 rating in the Google playstore. Continue reading with us till the end to know whether it’s worth playing or not.

Tap Tap Fish- Abyssrium Pole: a unique eco- system building game, released for Android and iOS today

Tap Tap Fish- Abyssirum Pole has been created by the Flero Games, which has previously worked on games like- Abyssrium and Gate Six. It offers a visceral arctic world to the players, which is both colourful and vibrant. The main goal of the game is to provide the players with a diverse ecosystem. During the game, players will be able to add a variety of fishes and mammals, such as- penguins, whales, rabbits and a number of other animals that are found in the Arctic. New Animals and Birds can be unlocked in the game after completing in-game tasks. The game also features micro-transactions in the form of purchasable animals and birds such as the Snowy Owl. The Abyssrium Pole allows the players to experience an arctic world and it’s animals, birds and fishes in all of its glory.


The gameplay of Abyssrium Pole is simple and comprises of only Taps. The players will require to click on the controls given at the control panel to complete tasks like creating a new animal or purchasing a new iceberg. The gameplay of Abyssrium Pole revolves around creating and levelling up a diverse Artic Aquarium filled with a variety of animals. The players will be indulging in a variety of activities, which will play an important role in building a beautiful artic ecosystem. They will also be able to click and save snapshots of fishs or animals after creating them. The gameplay of Abyssrium Pole does not offer immediate results for the player’s actions. The players will be able to notice the results of their actions after sometime, just like the real nature which takes time to provides us with successful and favourable results for our hard work.


Vitality is source of all life forms in Abyssrium Pole. Each animal, bird, fish and coral in Abyssrium Pole generate vitality which is essential to do a variety of activities in the game. Certain organisms in the Game such as the corals constantly generate Vitality, even when a player is not playing the game. The constant generation of vitality in the game respresents the real nature, where natural processes like growth of plants and generation of oxygen, takes place even during the inactivity of us humans. The accumulated in-game vitality can then be used to create new fishes and animals in the game.

Graphics and BGM

Abyssirum Pole has low polygon graphics which are very beautiful to gaze upon. The colour pallette of Abyssrium Pole consist of mainly White and Blue colors. The background music and sound effects of the game have been beautifully created to give the players a relaxing and naturally authentic feel. The graphics of the game in combination with soothing background music, makes the gameplay experience of Abyssrium Pole stress relieving for the players.

In overall, Tap Tap Fish- Abyssium Pole is a very slow paced game that is suitable for playing only during ideal time. It can be played to relieve a full working day’s stress, or during ones free time in college or office. The game is different from the conventional fast paced action games and hence would not be enjoy by the players who prefer fast paced games. If you enjoy observing the nature around you and don’t mind playing a slow paced game that can take a lot of time to show results, then Abyssrium Pole is the game made for you. The game would immerse you in an alluring ecosystem surrounding an iceberg.

As on the day of release, Abyssrium Pole had 4.4 star rating and more than 1,000 downloads. So what do you think about this game? Do let us know in the comments section.

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