Latest Android Game (May 29, 2020)- Star Chef 2 is now available on Playstore

Star Chef 2 is a new cookery and restaurant management game where you will be indulging in various activities, necessary for running a successful restaurant chain. Star Chef 2 is the successor to the world-wide cooking sensation called Star Chef. The game has been created by 99 games and published by Star Chef LLC.

Star Chef 2 has been rated “3 and above” and has been downloaded more than 10,000 times. It was launched for Android and iOS devices on 29th May, 2020. The game enables you to run a restaurant with aim to make it the “most popular culinary destination” in the whole town.

The players will be able to serve more than 85 delicacies to their customers in the game and earn money. If you are passionate about cooking then you will also enjoy reading through fun historical facts related to dishes and cuisines, as you would play the game.

The game has story elements in the form of various quests. The players will need to solve the given quests to move forward in the game. The game also provides the players with farmlands so that they can grow fresh vegetables to make tasty dishes for customers.

The game allows you to personalize your restaurants according to your preferences, by selecting from a wide range of wall decals and floor decorations. You can buy furnitures in order to be able to cater to more customers and choose props, for designing the restaurant according to your own will.

One of the most interesting aspect of this game is that it allows the players to compete with real player chefs in skill-based tournaments for winning top positions in leaderboard. The players can compete in one on one competitions, where the chef, who is able to serve more number of customers become the winner.

Star Chef 2 has beautiful cartoonish character animation and surrounding environment. The Star Chef 2’s soundtrack is also decent and goes well with the light hearted mood of the game.


Star chef 2 makes you experience the life of restaurant owners and gives you an idea about the all hardwork required to be done, in order to keep a restaurant empire running.

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If cooking is one of your passions, then Star Chef 2 is the game made for you. It would put you in the shoes of a chef and make you feel like you own a restaurant empire.

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