Pubg mobile zombie mode update – 0.11.0

The new PUBG Mobile Zombie mode update has finally introduced the much-anticipated zombie mode into the game. The Zombie mode has been named “survive till dawn” and was previously a part of PUBG beta version. All the zombies in the Survive till Dawn have been created by taking inspiration from the Resident Evil 2 game. The version number of the new PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Update is 0.11.0 and have the size of around 436 MB. Do go through this whole article to know about all the new additions made to PUBG with the launch of the latest PUBG mobile zombie mode update.


PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Update- Survive till Dawn

The new PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode will allow players to engage in a battle Royale gameplay experience with zombies in it. In the Survive till Dawn, the initial play zone is a smaller circle in comparison to the initial playable zone of the classic matches. The Survive till Dawn matches start with a total of 60 players who will require to survive hordes of zombies and hunt down all the other surviving players in order to win a match. The Survive till Dawn matches are around 30 minutes long. The thirty minutes long matches include a time period of 3 days and 2 nights of terror. The player who will be able to survive all the 3 days and 2 nights and defeat all the other players in the games will be the winner of the match.
During the day time in Survive till Dawn, the players will not have to worry much about the zombies, can collect loot and kill other players. But when the night falls the players will have to be wary of both the other players and the horde of attacking zombies. During night time, the zombies will become fierce and keep on spawning out of every corner to get the players.

The inclusion of zombies will make the PUBG matches both scary and challenging at the same time. Since the zombies will be coming out one after another, the players are likely to give away their location to other players while killing them. Hence, the players will not be able to play a stealth game. In addition to that, the players will also be at the risk of running out of ammo while killing the hordes of zombies.  In order to be at the safe side, we suggest you to keep on plundering the loot at a regular interval of time.

About Survive till Dawns’ Zombies

The zombies walk slowly but can also run fast. They are also easy targets from a distance. All the killed zombies also leave behind a variety of items which can be looted by the players. The zombies occasionally spit a green substance out of their mouth from a distance, which can reduce the player’s health if came into contact. They can also attack using their hands if they get close to the players. Therefore the best strategy for the players to stay safe would be to keep on moving from one location to another. The main advantage of the zombies lies in their sheer numbers.
There are a few different types of zombies. The normal zombies are of both genders and constitute the larger part of the zombie horde. On the other hand, there are also big, fast and scary looking zombies which are more difficult to kill. During night time the zombies keep on spawning out of every direction especially in open grounds.

Other Additions and Improvements


The new PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode update also brings Moonlight to the Vikendi map. The new moonlight feature will make the Vikendi map look more beautiful. Hence, the players will now be able to play under the moonlight of Vikendi, which is a treat in itself even if we don’t get a chicken dinner.

New Chat feature

The new update has also included a new in game chat feature, which is called Push to Talk.

Damage Stacking Feature

The update 0.11.0 has also added the damage stacking feature. According to this feature, the further a player will be away from the circle, the more would be the damage suffered by the player. This feature was previously available only  in the PC version of PUBG.

Arcade Mode in Sanhok

The new PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Update has also brought Sanhok map to the arcade mode. Hence, players will now be able to engage in quick battles royale matches against other players in the Sanhok arcade mode.
In overall, the Survive till Dawn is looking to be a promising addition to PUBG. The introduction of zombies in the game will make the game more exciting and provide PUBG with the much required boost to stay ahead of other android based battles Royal games available in Google play store. So what do you think about the latest PUBG Mobile Zombie mode update? Do let us know in the comments section.

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