PUBG Mobile Update with New Vikendi Snow Map

The latest PUBG Mobile Update of (Players Unknown Battleground) has finally arrived for both Android & iOS and has brought along many changes in the game. The version of the newest PUBG Mobile Update is v 0.10.0 and was released on December 20th. The latest PUBG update makes the game look new and breaks the monotony by changing various old elements of the game with new ones. Various old features have been improved and numerous new features have been added to this new update for PUBG. In this article, we would be discussing all of them so that you can know and use them to your advantage for winning your chicken dinner. “PUBG Mobile Update V 0.10.0”

PUBG Mobile Update with New Vikendi Snow Map

Main Menu

The first thing that would grasp your attention when you would start the game is the changed main menu screen, with your character standing in front of a snow-covered landscape, along with a vehicle standing behind your character. This is the snow themed main menu screen that has been included in the new PUBG mobile update. The changed main menu screen of the PUBG gives the game a fresh look. Apart from this, the graphics used for coupons and crates have also been changed with beautiful new graphics.

Normal or Notched

Another addition to PUBG has been done in the graphics setting of the game. This new feature allows you to make the game know about the type of display screen your Smartphone has, so that game can adjust its display settings accordingly. This setting will provide good gameplay experience to all those who would be playing on a Smartphone with curved corners or top notch. This option can be found in the graphics section in the settings of PUBG, under the Non-Standard Screens Tag.


The biggest change brought to PUBG by this latest PUBG Mobile update is that all the three old maps have been replaced with new maps. The four brand new playable maps of PUBG are- Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi.

PUBG Mobile Update with Four New Map

1. Erangel:

Erangel has a vast 8 X 8 Km land area covered with lush green grasses, bushes and Trees, which provide a good hiding place for the Players. This map is great for all those players who like to hide behind cover and ambush other players.

2. Miramar:

The next map that has been added to this game is Miramar. Miramar is an urban map with various buildings built over barren lands and hilly regions. This map is appropriate for urban assault and for sniping down the opponents hiding inside surrounding buildings. The Miramar Map spans across an area of 8 X 8 Km.

3. Sanhok:

The third map is named Sanhok and have a virtual geographical area of 4X4 Km. This map has many buildings, Temples, Huts and other structures which are surrounded by areas having lush green vegetation. With a small land area of 4 X 4 Km, this map has been created for intense group battles.

4. Vikendi:

The fourth and the most anticipated map is Vikendi, which has a virtual geographical area of 6 x 6 Km. Vikendi has a snowy geographical region where most of the landscape and buildings are covered in snow. This map provides little to no cover and hence the players will require to face their enemies head-on. The two new exclusive in-game items that can be used only in Vikendi are- G36C assault rifle (which is a replacement for the SCAR-L assault rifle) and a snowmobile.

Voice Chat Commands

The latest PUBG Mobile update has more voice chat commands in comparison to the previous version. The previous not so appealing voice commands have been replaced with new female voice commands. The new voice chat commands sound good and realistic, unlike the old voice commands which sounded as if generated using the software. Plus, you will be greeted by a voice saying- “welcome to PUBG” every time you would enter the lobby. The new Voice chat commands of the PUBG will help the players to communicate in a better manner with their teammates and/or other players.
Apart from all these major changes, Tencent Games has also made a variety of other changes in the latest version of PUBG. The following list encapsulates all the other changes and upgrades that have been done in the PUBG version 0.10.0
  • Support for the Arabic language
  • Cross-Server Matchmaking Capability
  • The Players now can report suspicious behavior while watching a match after dying
  • Firearms finish Upgrade system has been added
  • Reward for season spending

PUBG Mobile Update v 0.10.0

In order to be able to play PUBG in one out of the 4 new maps, you will have to update PUBG by going to the Google Playstore. For updating PUBG, first of all open the Google Playstore, go to the PUBG page in the Playstore and then click on the update button. This will start a download and then install the (PUBG Mobile update) updated version 0.10.0 of PUBG.
The PUBG Mobile update version 0.10.0 for Android devices is of 1.6 GB, whereas, the update size for the iOS version is 2.10 GB. The inclusion of the four new maps in latest PUBG update will reinvigorate the interest of the gamers, especially those who were starting to lose interest in PUBG by playing the game in the same map again and again. The new maps introduced in update 0.10.0 of PUBG will be providing the players with great gameplay experience for months to come.

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