PUBG Mobile Update: New Zombie & Monster Hunting mode, Weapons, Vehicles

PUBG Mobile Update: If the Vikendi update was not enough for you then you would be glad to know that PUBG is again coming with a new update. The new update is likely to be launched by the end of January 2019. The version number of the latest PUBG Mobile Update: would be 0.10.5 and will be bringing a plethora of new features and elements to the game. We are here to let you know about all the improvements that would be made and the new inclusions that would be brought to PUBG with the launch of the new update.


PUBG Mobile Update: New Zombie & Monster Hunting mode, Weapons, Vehicles and much more

Zombie Mode

If you are bored defeating other human players and want a different kind of gameplay, then zombie mode is the thing created for you. The zombie mode has been teased by the makers of PUBG, a number of times before and will be finally included in the game, with launch of update v 0.10.5. According to various reports the zombie mode is likely to be lauched in collaboration with the Resident Evil series of games.
The PUBG zombie mode will be played in between a small group of well trained and skilled players, who would have to fight against 98 different zombies. During the zombie mode game, players will not be able to use any kind of weapons. That means that the players will have to survive by fighting only with their hands.  The zombie mode seems to be completely different type of gameplay. Hence, we are interested to know whether it would be able to leave a mark among the gamers or not.

Monster Hunting Mode

Another mode that is being developed for PUBG is the Monster Hunting Mode, where players will have to hunt down various types of monsters for loot. The beta update for the Monster Hunting Mode has been launched in China for testing. It is less likely that the monster hunting mode would be included in the PUBG Mobile Update v 0.10.5, as it is being currently tested and would be given a worldwide release only if it is able to attract good number of players regularly.

MK 47 Mutant

The new update will also add a new weapon called MK 47 Mutant, which is an assault rifle. The MK 47 Mutant uses 7.62mm ammunition. The magazine of MK 47 Mutant can hold a total of 20 rounds, which means that the players using MK 47 Mutant will not have to frequently reload while in the battle zone. MK 47 Mutant can fire in both burst mode and single mode.


Laser Sight would be the new weapon add-on that would be added to the game. The laser sight can be attached with guns by placing it at any one of the bottom slot of the weapon being used. This new add-on is appropriate for the players who prefer to run & gun, as it improves hip fire accuracy.

New Vehicles

All those of you who want a new in-game vehicle will be happy to know that the PUBG update v 0.10.5 will be introducing “Tukshai”. Tukshai is a vehicle based upon the design of auto rickshaw and is called “tuk-tuk” in various Asian countries. It is also likely that the upcoming update will have a brand new snow bike.


The Vikendi Map will get a complete day and night cycle. The players will now be able to play in both the brightness of the day where everything is visible and under the moonlight where it is difficult to spot the enemy. The new weather of Vikendi will also have snow covered areas.
Another major improvement that would be made is that Erangel and Miramar maps will now have a dynamic weather system. This means that these maps will have both rain and snow covered places depending upon the time and location of the map. This improvement will ensure that players won’t neglect playing in Erangel and Miramar in comparison to other maps.
The new PUBG update is also likely to introduce an all new death cam feature. Through the use of the death cam, players will be able to replay how they died during the game, and hence would be able to learn from their mistakes. The update is also going to offer new voice chat options and dance emotes.

By releasing a major update at the end of December, 2018 and another new update, which is about to be launched by the end of this Month, it is evident that Tencent Games wants to provide its gaming community with the best game play experience possible. So what do you think about this soon to be released PUBG update. Do let us know in the comment section.

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