PUBG Mobile UPDATE 0.15.0 : Payload Mode, BRDM-2, Helicopter, Desert Eagle, Etc

PUBG Mobile UPDATE 0.15.0: The new update for PUBG has been launched for both Android and iOS. The latest PUBG Mobile update is going to introduce an all game mode called- payload mode, along with a variety of additions and improvements such as- BRDM-2 Vehicle, Graffiti and much more. The version number of this PUBG Mobile update is 0.15.0 and was released on 16th October 2019. To know about all the major details of the PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0 read this article till the end.


The makers of the PUBG Mobile claims that the game would consume less power but provide a smoother gaming experience. Hence there would be fewer instances of devices getting heated-up while playing the game. The latest update of PUBG Mobile has fixed the loading issue in-game, so that the players can have better combat experience. The Weapon Loading Mechanism has also been improved so that the degree of stuttering can be reduced when the players come to view. The update would also ensure better graphics and smooth gameplay on smartphones which have low requirements.

Payload Mode

The PUBG Mobile update 0.15.0 would be introducing a new gameplay mode called- “Payload Mode”. This new gameplay mode would be added, a while after the launch of the 0.15.0 update of PUBG Mobile. The Payload Mode gameplay would consist of players playing with new heavy weapons. RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 Grenade Launcher, MGL Grenade Launcher and M134 Minigun are the weapons that can be wielded by the players during this type of matches. The game mode would also have a helicopter and feature Recall System and Vehicle Repair packs. During the match, the players will be able to pick up the Id cards of their fallen teammates to revive them at the communication tower. The players can also call in airstrike using Airstrike Beacons. Payload Mode is going to be one of the most intense gameplay modes of PUBG Mobile.


The update 0.15.0 would also be improving the Survive till Dawn Mode. The new Survive Till Dawn would be a Halloween Themed Event. Hence, the Survive till Dawn would be featuring some Halloween themed Zombies. The skybox of the Survive till Dawn has also been improved. The update has also added a group of enemy humans who can be defeated by the players to get better rewards. The mode also has new Bio-ware equipments which can be used to fight against Zombies and Humans.

Another Evaground Game mode called “The Darkest Night” has been removed by the update. One of the reason behind the removal of the Darkest Night from the game can be less number of Players due to the High level of Difficulty offered by this game mode. The makers have also stated that the Darkest Night would be included again in the game after making all the necessary improvements and changes to the game for making it appealing to the Players.


The PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0 would be introducing two new vehicles to the game, which are- BRDM-2 and Helicopter. The BRDM-2 can be driven on both land and water. It is fully armored to provide protection to the players within it. The BRDM-2 also has bulletproof tires. One of the limitations of the BRDM-2 is that it is slower than other vehicles found in the game. The BRDM-2 would be replacing the UAZ in the game.

PUBG Mobile UPDATE 0.15.0


The M16A4, Vector, UMP45 and MK47Mutant have been improved for providing players with a better gameplay experience. The players will now also be able to play with Desert Eagle, which now available in the game. The Desert Eagle is a Pistol that has the magazine capacity of 7 rounds. The Magazine capacity of Desert Eagle can be extended to 10 using Extended Magazine. The Desert Eagle can be found in all the maps in the game and can be attached with Mira Red Dot, Holographic Sight, Grip and Muzzle.


Ledge Grab

In terms of player movement, ledge grabbing is an Improvement. The players will now be able to climb previously unreachable locations. For grabbing ledges, the players will have to jump once towards the building or container, and when in the mid-air, the player will have to press the jump button again. Ledge grab features would be loved by PUBG players who prefer to jump from the top of a building to another, i.e. prefer to do Parkour in the game.


The game has also added the graffiti feature, which would allow the players to draw on any object in the game. The players would be able to take in a total of 4 graffiti into the battleground. The Graffiti combo of the players can also be changed in the inventory section in the game.

Explosive Gas Cans

Now the players can also use Gas Cans, which they earlier used only for refueling the vehicles, for setting explosive traps. In order to set a trap using a gas can the players will have to simply place the gas can in a place where the enemy cannot view it, then as soon as the enemy approaches near the gas can, the player can fire at the Gas Can to create an explosion. It takes around 4 bullets from an assault rifle like Scarl to blow up a Gas Can.


A number of in-game pose animations have been added to the game. The “gun holding pose” animations in the lobby have been changed and are now distinct for different weapons and guns. The PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0 has also added a plethora of Synergy poses. The users can now choose their favorite Synergy Pose for posing with their team partners.

The latest Update of PUBG has also made a number of other small scale changes and improvements. The following is the list of all these small scale changes that has been introduced by the PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0:

  1. Now Masks, which does not cover the eyes of the players can be equipped by the players in Combination with the eyeglasses.
  2. Now the players would get an official reply from the makers of PUBG Mobile, whenever they would be reporting any in-game violations.
  3. Graphics:

– Better Texturing, Lighting and modeling.

– Improved Weapons and Outfits

– Improved shadow and lighting in Main Menu.

  1. Quicker creation and entering into the room. Now the players can decide whether there should be any password requirement while creating a room.
  2. FPP Training Ground has been included in the game.
  3. Gift Giving Animations have been added.
  4. Grenade Finishes have been added.
  5. Added close-up views when trying on outfits in the Shop

Like always Tencent Games has left no stones unturned to impress its gaming community, with the launch of PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0. So what are your thoughts on the latest update of PUBG Mobile? Do share in the comments section.

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