PUBG Mobile Lite launched for Android! Know more about the game here

PUBG Mobile Lite launched: Gamers with low end smartphones rejoice as your time to play PUBG has finally come. Tencent Games, the makers of PUBG has finally released the PUBG Mobile Lite on 25th July, 2019. PUBG Mobile Lite is the scaled down version of PUBG Mobile that has been designed and created specifically to run on smartphones with low end specifications.

PUBG Mobile Lite launched for Android! Know more about the game here

PUBG Lite has been created upon the Unreal Engine 4 and will be able to run on handheld devices which have less than 2 GB of RAM. It is available in a size of 418MB and therefore, won’t be taking a lot of space on your smartphones.

PUBG Mobile Lite launched

PUBG Lite will have smooth graphics similar to the PUBG Mobile. The only drawback of the PUBG Lite’s graphics is that it is slightly less detailed in comparison to the PUBG Mobile’s graphics. It also has rich 3D sound effects and high quality audio for providing the players with immersive gameplay experience.

Just like PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite will also have ranking seasons alongwith purchasable outfits and firearms. The game would also allow the players to dismantle their items which they don’t want into Silver, which can later be used to redeem new or rare items.

The PUBG Lite has a single map, which is similar to the Erangel map  of PUBG Mobile, but with various changes here and there. The PUBG Lite map has also been named Erangel and is smaller than all the maps of PUBG Mobile, with a size of 2 km X 2 km. The Lite version can be played among 60 players and the time duration of matches is around 10 minutes.

One major difference in between PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile is that in Lite players have to fire a lot more bullets to defeat the other players. This makes PUBG Lite matches more challenging and unpredictable as the players are provided ample time to turn the tables on their opponents. The game has most of the weapons and vehicles featured in the standard PUBG Mobile alongwith all new Buggy vehicle and RPG-7.

The classic mode of PUBG Lite can be played as solo, duo or squad in any one out of the two servers, which are- Asia and South America. PUBG Lite players can also play classic mode matches by teaming up with their friends and family members. The game also has advanced and effective anti cheating mechanisms for ensuring that the players are provided with a fair gaming atmosphere.

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PUBG Lite has been rated 16+ and is now available in the Google Playstore for downloads. It has been downloaded more than 10 Million times within a week of it’s release. The game has become the “EDITOR’S CHOICE” and is currently the number 1 free app in the Google Playstore.

The launch of PUBG Lite for Android and iOS platforms is a testament to the fact that Tencent Games is not leaving any Stone unturned in an attempt to stay ahead of it’s competitors. Gamers who don’t have a good smartphone would be thrilled with the launch of PUBG Lite, since they would also be able to enjoy this Battle Royale game on their handsets. So what do you think about this article? Do let us know in the comments section.

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