PUBG Mobile Latest Update Payload Mode, Helicopter, Etc

The PUBG Mobile Latest Update has arrived 7 days after the launch of update version 0.15.0. With the launch of this update, Payload Mode has been introduced in the game. The PUBG Mobile Latest Update version launched on 23rd October, 2019 at 3:00 PM. The Payload Mode would have a number of latest “big” guns. The following are the big guns that the Payload Mode have:

  1. RPG-7
  2. M3E1-A
  3. M79 Grenade Launcher
  4. MGL Grenade Launcher
  5. M134 Minigun

Since the game would be featuring big and heavy guns, therefore the Payload is a game mode that would feature hardcore action and lots of destruction.

PUBG Mobile Latest Update

The main attraction of the Payload Mode is the Helicopter, which was being eagerly awaited by the fans. There would be one Helicopter in this game mode that can be driven by the players. The helicopter can be used by the players as a means of transportation and also for targeting the opponent players from the sky.

The Payload Mode would also have Respawn feature that would allow the players to collect the Id cards of their teamates so that the fellow teammates of the players can revived. The teammates can be revived only at the communication towers. The Payload Mode would also have “Vehicle Repair Pack” which can be used to repair the vehicles that would incur damage due to heavy gun-fire. The Players will also be able to call upon airstrikes on their target. For calling an airstrike, the players would require an Airstrike beacon.

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The PUBG Mobile Latest Update would also be removing The Infection Mode from the PUBG Mobile, which was not that well received by the gamers due to it’s confusing gameplay.

The PUBG Mobile Latest Update is trivial in size. The Payload Mode is a very intense game mode, that would be enjoyed by the players who like to immerse themselves in the loud sounds generated from the gun-fire and enjoy reckless gameplay. For more awesome posts follow us.

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