PUBG Mobile Update introduced LIVIK Map in it’s Beta. Know more here

PUBG Mobile Update: The latest PUBG Mobile update version 0.19.0 is now available on both Playstore & AppStore. The size of the latest PUBG Mobile update for Android is 1.9 GB, whereas the size of the iOS PUBG Mobile Update is 2.13 GB. The latest PUBG Mobile update introduces a new map called LIVIK into the game alongwith new weapons and vehicle.


LIVIK MAP – PUBG Mobile Update

The biggest attraction of the PUBG Mobile Update v-0.19.0 is the introduction of the LIVIK Map. LIVIK map is a Nordic style map with snowy mountains and unique landmarks. With the addition of LIVIK map the total number of PUBG Mobile classic maps have increased to five.

LIVIK has the size of 2 Km X 2 Km. Upto 52 players will be able to play in the LIVIK map. Since LIVIK spans only 2 km both horizontally and vertically, therefore matches will be short and would end within 15 minutes.

It is the most beautiful, colorful and vivid map among all the PUBG Mobile maps. The LIVIK map has a waterfall where the players will be able to drive Boat and Jet Sky. The waterfall in the LIVIK is based on the real physics principles of waterfall. Hence, the players will face strong force of water, if they would be standing on the waterfall. The LIVIK map is currently available as beta in PUBG Mobile. Hence a lot of changes and improvements will be made in it in the near future.

Latest Weapons and Vehicles

Two new firearms have also been added in the PUBG Mobile. MK12 burst sniper rifle and P90 are the two new weapons that will be available exclusively in the LIVIK map. The P90 is a SMG that was previously available in TDM, whereas MK12 is a high speed burst sniper rifle. A Monster truck has also been included in the LIVIK Map for transportation. It can be driven easily over both mountains & plain fields. The Monster Truck will also provide good spot for you and your squad to fire at your enemies.






The latest update has removed the Blue Hole Mode from the PUBG Mobile game, due to lacklustre reception and confusing game play. On the other hand, the new update has also added hot air balloons in the Cheer Park. Now you can ride Hot Air Balloons in order to enjoy flying high in the sky.

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