PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 update rolling out in India, PUBG Mobile Season 8

PUBG Mobile Season 8: Tecent Games has finally released the PUBG Mobile Season 8 on 16th of July, 2019. The latest update comes with Season 8 Royale Pass of this popular Battle Royale game. It also introduces a new in-game weapon and a number of improvements. The latest update size is 158 MB for Android devices and 181 MB for iOS devices.

Tencent Games would be rewarding the players with one Parachute Trail and 1,888 BP, if they would be updating the game in between 16th July and 22nd July. The third person perspective has also been added to the room mode for TDM with the 0.13.5 update and new rating protection cards will appear when the ratings of the players will change. The players who will be checking regularly into the game for a given number of times will be able to collect PMCO exclusive rewards.

PUBG Mobile Season 8

PUBG Mobile Season 8

The new update also introduces the latest season of the PUBG. The 0.13.5 update introduces the Season 8 of PUBGM which had been named the “Summer Carnival! Treasures in the sea awaits you”. The update introduces various season-based changes and a lot of the season system has been upgraded. The system Interface has been revamped to look more well organised and refreshing than prior interface. The result screen for the Classic Match has also been adjusted so that the Ratings and Tier changes are easily visible to the players.

The PUBG Mobile Season 8 reward system has also been modified. The players will get the whole Season 8 Outfit after reaching the Gold Tier and all players who will get a place in the Diamond Tier will be given Season 8 exclusive weapon finishes. All the players in a tier who will be getting Crown or above would be awarded distinct team joining effects and name tags. Similarly, players who would acheive Ace level or above would be given a permanent season 8 title. The algorithm for the players ranking system has also been slightly modified to increase the impact of the players kill points on the tier.

Royale Pass

The Royale Pass theme for PUBG Mobile Season 8 is the ocean, which is full of long lost treasures. The Royale pass purchase page now has a new friends request feature, which allows players to request their friends for Elite Pass or Elite Pass Plus. Since the first anniversary of Royale Pass is near, the latest update will also add some season 2 and 3 events for the players to get access to some rare items by entering the Rank Rewards and Redemption Crates section.


PUBG is collaborating with BAPE for promoting it’s products within the game. Another major collaboration that would be seen in this season would be in between Alan Walker and PUBG Mobile. The players will be able to listen to the new single by Alan Walker after unlocking it in the event center. The players will be able to listen to the new PMCO song by Alan Walker after completing missions.


The latest weapon in the PUBG Mobile is the PP-19. PP-19 is a sub-machine Gun that uses 9mm bullets. It comes with a large magazine of 53 rounds. The magazine of this sub-machibe gun cannot be upgraded. Players can equip the PP-19 with Muzzle and Scope attachments. Hence, the PP-19 can be attached with Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight and up to 6X scope. The rate of fire of PP-19 is similar to UMP and its single shot damage is 35. You can find this gun in the Erangel and Vikendi Maps.


The latest update has also improved various aspects of the game. The following is the list of all the improvements implemented by the 0.13.5 update:

  1. Mission Cards, Season 8 passes and a number of other items have been added to the BP shop for the Prime Subscribers.
  2. The UC Bonus Purchase screen has been improved and the rewards have also been updated.
  3. The visual effects for the title has been enhanced.
  4. Now the players will be able to see some mythic outfits when they draw weapons.
  5. The name of the crates have been unified and the right navigation bar visual effects have been adjusted.
  6. Real time calculation of Bonus Challenge results.
  7. The graphics of the Tier icons have been improved.

The players who have high end devices will now be able to experience even better graphics, as the High Frame Rate option has been included for HDR Mode. You can play with this setting if you want high graphics in the expense of high battery consumption. The High Frame Rate option for HDR Mode can be turned on by opening the Graphics section in the Settings.

Bug Fixes

The new update has fixed a number of bugs. The following is the list of bugs that the Tencent Games fixed with the version 0.13.5 of PUBG:

  1. Debugged the problem where the reward notification didn’t appeared when Daily Missions are available in the form of reward for RP missions.
  2. The problem which arised due to the difference between the described name of the EZ Mission license perks 3 Crate and the actual Crate name has been solved.
  3. Bug which resulted in incorrect tiers and ratings of the players at the time of season change has been fixed.
  4. Removed Bug that prevented movement of the teammates avatars in TDM.

Though the size of version- 0.13.5 update is quite small but the number of features included packs the punch. So what do you think about the PUBG Mobile Season 8 update? Do let us know in the comments section.

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