PUBG Ban Over 30,000 Radar Hack Cheater

PUBG Ban Over 30,000 Players: Tencent Games has banned (PUBG Ban) 30000 player accounts in an attempt to prevent PUBG players from influencing the game through cheating. The ban is likely to influence the accounts of players who play PUBG on Xbox, PC and Smartphones. Out of all the banned accounts at least 16 accounts are those of Pro players. The names of few pro player accounts which have been banned are Papaya, TEXQS, Cageman, Hoffmann88, PlayerJones, Kragen and Houlow.

PUBG Ban Over 30,000 Radar Hack Cheater Players

All the PUBG Ban players have been accused of using unfair means while playing PUBG for getting advantage over their competitors. The number of banned PUBG accounts is likely to increase with time in the near future. All the banned players would be restricted from playing the game.

Numerous PUBG Ban players use the Radar Hack for cheating while playing the game. The Radar Hack cheat allows the players to know the exact location of the other players in the game. It is also difficult to detect Radar Hack as it is done through the use of third party VPN.
Knowing the location of other players in the game make it easy for the cheating players to find and confront them after completing their preparation. In this way such Players become less likely to get killed and are able to increase their kill count.
The PUBG developers added the new anti-cheat and reporting feature in the Vikendi map after receiving a lot of complaints regarding in-game hacking. The anti-cheat and reporting feature uses the Battleye software for detecting players who use radar hack software and inform the developers. Such players are then banned in real time with word “ban” being displayed on the feed. This feature also allows the PUBG players to find and report suspicious elements while spectating a match after dying.

PUBG Banned A Number Of Player Accounts

Previously, the developers of PUBG banned a number of player accounts in the month of June, 2018, who were suspected to be cheating while playing PUBG.
With the inclusion of the anti cheat and reporting feature, PUBG will be able to provide good and fair gaming experience to all its players. This would ensure that no player would have any advantage over other players unless gained while playing the game. By PUBG Ban the players caught cheating; PUBG has been able to service the complaints of its gaming community and has provided them with a cheating and hacking free battle ground, where they can compete for their Chicken Dinner.

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