Picture in Picture (PIP) feature of WhatsApp

A picture in Picture (PIP) is the latest feature that has been included in the well-known instant messaging platform known as WhatsApp. Before including the PIP feature in WhatsApp it was made part of the beta version of the WhatsApp, where it was tested by the users. After thorough testing, the Picture in Picture features has been finally included in WhatsApp. The PIP feature is available in version 2.18.380 of WhatsApp or higher. This article is dedicated to the PIP feature of WhatsApp & would provide all the relevant information, so that you can understand all the aspects of the Picture in Picture feature of WhatsApp.

What is PIP (Picture in Picture)?

The Picture in Picture is a new feature of WhatsApp that allows the users to view supported videos, in a separate floating window. The PIP feature is supported by videos shared from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. This feature of WhatsApp would facilitate the users in texting and viewing videos simultaneously. The Floating window where the video would be played is also resizable and movable. This means that you can resize the floating video window according to your requirement and place it wherever you want on the screen.
The Picture in Picture feature of WhatsApp is a useful feature especially for all those people who prefer to text chat even while watching videos on WhatsApp. The Picture in Picture Feature can also be used while video calling with friends and relatives using WhatsApp. You can also toggle in and out of the full-screen mode while watching videos which support PIP. The PIP feature is a useful and significant feature of WhatsApp. It facilitates the users of WhatsApp to either send or view received messages even while watching videos, hence facilitating the users in multi-tasking while using WhatsApp.

How to get this feature?

The PIP feature has been included in the WhatsApp version 2.18.380 and higher for Android. So, if you want to get the benefits of this new WhatsApp feature you would require to update your current WhatsApp application. For updating your WhatsApp application, you would require to go to Google Playstore, search for WhatsApp and then click on the “Update” bottom, in the WhatsApp page in the Google Playstore. Once the latest version of the WhatsApp would get installed on your android smartphone, you would be able to play shared YouTube, Vimeo, etc. videos in PIP mode.

Benefits of Picture in Picture Feature:

Better Video Viewing Experience
By using the PIP feature, the users will be able to get uninterrupted and better video viewing experience on WhatsApp, as the users will be able to send and receive text messages even while viewing videos at the same time.
Better Multi-Tasking
Because of the PIP feature, the users of the WhatsApp will be able to both entertain themselves by watching shared videos and would also be able to stay connected with their friends and relatives through text messages. As a result, the users would be able to do texting and watch videos at the same time.
Easy to use
The PIP feature will prevent the users from the misery of leaving a video in the middle for replying to a friend or relative. In this way, it will make WhatsApp even more easy to use especially for new users. The PIP feature would facilitate the old users to reply to their friends & relatives at a faster rate.

WhatsApp has always improved its social media platform in order to maintain their viability among the users. Because of the constant efforts of the WhatsApp, it has been able to provide its users with good instant messaging services. The latest feature of WhatsApp is PIP, which would make the usage of WhatsApp easier and facilitate multi-tasking. The PIP is a good feature of WhatsApp that would be appreciated by the users and would help in making WhatsApp more usable and popular among the user base. The Introduction of new features like PIP and enhancement of old ones have been the main reason behind the popularity of WhatsApp.

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