【Marvel Super War Review】 – A beautiful looking Super Hero MOBA Game

Marvel Super War, the first MOBA game of Marvel has been made available as early access on the Google Playstore. It is a free to play game that has been rated 12 yrs and above. The game has been created by NetEase games, which has previously worked on games like- Cyber Hunter and Super Mecha Champions. Marvel Super War would provide the players with an environment where the players would be able to play as their favorite Marvel Superhero/Villain and battle other superheroes and villains.

Marvel Super War Game Review

Marvel Super War

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Marvel Characters

There are a large number of characters from the Marvel Universe in this game. The game consists of both well-known superheroes/villains likes Ironman, Thor, Magneto and also various lesser-known characters like Iceman, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive. Each superhero/villain character has different abilities and attacks in the game, depending upon their abilities in the Marvel Comics. Netease Games would also be adding more superheroes and villains into the game in the near future.


Marvel Super War Gameplay is comprised of 5v5 arena matches. During the 5v5 Arena mode, 5 players are pitted against another five players in real-time matches. In order to win a match, the players would require to destroy the base of the enemy team, while protect their own base. The team that will be able to destroy their enemy team’s base first will be the winning team. At the end of the 5v5 Arena matches, the MVP (Most Valued Player) is shown on the screen, with the character animation of the MVP’s superhero/villain character.

During the matches, the players are able to respawn continuously out of their base whenever they would be defeated by the enemy players. Since Marvel Super War is a Strategy game, the players would require to work as a team for protecting their base and attacking enemy base at the same time. The time duration of the Marvel Super War matches is around 10 to 20 minutes.

Marvel Super War


At the beginning of the matches, the players are required to choose two tactics, from a collection of 8 tactics. The tactics selected by the players would either provide them with an upper hand in the game or would not be of much use against the enemy players. Therefore the players are advised to choose their tactics wisely in order to win the game.


The game also has 2 armies of minions who help both the player’s team and the enemy team in their quest for victory. The minions are like the military groups in RPG games like Warcraft, who make the game more intense by becoming cannon fodder most of the time. The concept of minions in a Superhero game at first feels quite hard to digest but after playing a few matches, the players would get used to it.


The graphics of Marvel Super War are both colorful and vibrant. Marvel Super War has very good character designs for both superheroes and supervillains. The designs of the characters are similar to the once featured in the MCU Movies and are very beautiful to gaze at. Similarly, the map of the game is also very beautiful with lush green trees, altars, stone structures and more. The game provides Isometric over the top view of the landscape. The gorgeous visuals of Marvel Super War are one of its strongest points.

Marvel Super War

Marvel Super War can be played with friends and family members online by forming a team. The game also allows players to communicate verbally during the matches. Marvel Super War also has good voice acting and soundtracks. Voice Commands are used throughout the matches to inform the players, whenever a team member defeats an enemy player or if a team member gets defeated in the game.


Like any standard android MOBA game, Marvel Super War also has the same control pattern. The game has a navigation button at the bottom left side of the screen and has attack and abilities buttons at the bottom right side of the screen. There are a total of 3-4 ability controls (depends upon the character selected by the player) which allows the players to use special abilities of their characters. The two tactics button are located on the left side of the ability controls. At the top of the screen, the players can view the K/O score of both the teams.



  • Gorgeous Visuals and Character Designs
  • Large Roster of Marvel Superheroes and Villains


  • Slow Movement of Characters

The game would be loved by the players who are a big fan of Marvel and like to play Multiplayer Online games. In terms of gameplay, Marvel Super War is satisfactory. It is just a standard MOBA game that does not do anything extra to separate itself from other MOBA games in the market.

While the gameplay of the Marvel Super War is decent, there are a few things that the game developers should think about improving in the future. The game would benefit from the addition of multiple playable maps. As of now, the players can only play the game on a map that looks like a location somewhere in Asgard. While the map is very beautiful, chances are that gamers would eventually get bored playing in the same map over and over again.

The biggest attractions of this game are the Marvel Superheroes and Villains. Gorgeously designed characters and their special abilities and attacks are the main features offered by this game. Though these features are enough to attract a large number of players, the game would benefit from improved and more engaging gameplay mechanics.

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Marvel Super War is currently available as early access In the Google Playstore in India, Philippines, Sri-Lanka, Singapore. Since the game is currently in beta stage, it would be getting more new features in the finalized version. So what do you think about Marvel Super War? Do let us know in the comments section.

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