Konami’s Contra Returns game coming soon to Android & iOS | Smartphone Game News

Contra is making comeback for iOS and Android Smartphones. On Monday, Konami released the Beta-Registration trailer for Contra Returns. The game has been developed by Tencent Timi Studios for Konami. Timi has previously created the Contra: Return game in 2017. The game is going to release on July 26, 2021.

Contra Returns will be adding a few new elements to the classic side scroller game such as new weapons and characters. The game will have main Contra characters- Bill Rizer and Lance Bean along with Lucia, Sheena, Brag Fang and few other characters.

As per reports, Contra Returns will have a new storyline and more than 200 levels. Players can also expect improved game graphics in the game. Contra Returns will also feature a new “One-Life Mode”, where players will try to complete the game with just one life provided.

Although Contra:Returns is going to be similar to Contra: Return it is not known how much it would be similar to 2017’s Contra: Return game. The game is going to be released in the United States and presumably worldwide.

Contra Returns will be made available for download on Play Store & App Store on July 26, 2021. You can pre-register for Contra: Returns Beta version to unlock special rewards.


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