Humans Fall Flat launched for Android and iOS

Humans Fall Flat launched for Android and iOS: Humans Fall Flat- a funny physics based puzzle platforming game has been finally released for both Android and iOS on 26th June 2019. The game has been developed and published by 505 Games Srl. 505 Games Srl has previously worked on games like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Gems of War. Humans Fall Flat was previously released for Xbox one and PS4 on 22nd July 2016. Read along till the end to know about all the major aspects of this game.

Humans Fall Flat launched for Android and iOS

Humans Fall Flat launched for Android and iOS


The game follows the story of a wobbly human who dreams of places. The places which comes in his dreams are surreal and filled with puzzles. The human has to travel around looking for the exit. Humans: Fall Flat is an open world game, which can be explored and played in anyway we want.


Humans Fall Flat has a large open world which the players can explore to find various secrets. The game has 10 open ended levels, which have challenging puzzles. In order to proceed further in the game, players will have to explore their surrounding areas and solve the puzzles that they encounter, using their creativity.While solving puzzles in the game the players will also have to avoid hilarious distractions. Apart from walking and running the players can also do parkour in the game. The players will be able to climb anything, grab anything and also carry anything with them that they find useful. All the character movements in the game are based on the real principles of physics. Players are advised to take some time to learn the wobbly art of in-game parkour for being able to enjoy the game in a better way.


Humans: Fall Flat is a multiplayer game and hence can be played among 4 Players. Players will be able to play the game with other players, which makes Humans: Fall Flat an ideal game to spend time with friends and family members. You can co-operate with other players to acheiving tasks. Else if you are in a mood to do something outlandish then you can also enjoy the game by pranking other players for distracting them.

Character Customization

In order to give your character a different look, the players can choose from a dozen of silly outfits. You can also dress your character as a dog, princess 🤴 or ninja to make your character look distinct in the group.So, if you are going for a day out with your friends and want a light hearted game to enjoy the get together, then Humans: Fall Flat is the game to download. Humans: Fall Flat is an open world online multiplayer game, hence can be played in any way the players find comfortable. The funny movements of the characters and the ways the players can fail provides ample opportunity for laughter. If that is not enough the players can prank on each other to make the game more interesting. Humans: Fall Flat game is for both casual gamers and hardcore gamers. The game is now available at Google Playstore at a price of Rs. 500.

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