How to turn on Dark Mode in Twitter – 2020

Dark Mode has become the latest trend in the smartphone apps market. Every smartphone app, game and even Operating System (Android 10) is introducing it. Even though dark mode does not add any additional feature to the apps and OS, it does make the interface look more appealing. It also provides a refreshing and different feel to the users of the app or OS. Even Twitter has introduced dark mode for its users. The Twitter Dark Mode makes the background of the app go Black and changes the text color to Light Blue. Today we will be showing you how you can turn on the Twitter Dark Mode to make Twitter look more appealing on your phone.

Turning on Twitter Dark Mode

Turning on the Twitter Dark Mode as simple as configuring the account settings of the Twitter. The following steps will allow you to turn on the Twitter Dark Mode:

1. Go to the “Settings and Privacy” in the navigation drawer of the Twitter app.


2. Scroll down and click on the “Display and Sound” button.

Twitter Dark Mode

3. In this section, click on the “Dark Mode” button. When you will click on it, three options will appear, which will be “On”, “Off” and “Automatic at Sunset”. Now, you can choose

  • On- to turn on the Twitter Dark Mode
  • Off- to turn off the Dark Mode, &
  • Automatic at Sunset- to turn on dark mode during night time.

Once you will complete the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to turn on the Twitter Dark Mode. The dark mode of twitter will give a nice and stylish feel whenever you will be using Twitter. It would also reduce the amount of strain on your eyes when using Twitter at night.


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