Google to add the Story feature in it’s Android & iOS app

Recently, Google has announced that it would be adding the story feature to the Google app. The Google app comes installed in almost all the Android smartphones and has more than 5 billion downloads on the Playstore. It is also used by more than 800 million people every month.

Google has named it’s stories feature “Web Stories”. The users will be able to see uploaded Web Stories above the Google app’s “discover” tab. After the launch of Web Stories, the users will be able to view stories that would be created by their publishers.


The publishers will be able to upload videos, pictures and audio as their stories. The viewers will be able to interact with the stories by tapping on them. While watching a story, the users will be able to tap on the story to move forward to next page. The users can also swipe left/right to move to another story.

The publishers will have full control over their stories. They will even be able to monetize the stories published by them. The Web Stories can be created by using drag and drop tools such as Web Story Editor (for WordPress), Make Stories and NewsroomAI. In addition to drag and drop tools, the stories can also be created via coding.

By adding the story feature to it’s app, Google will be making the users’ web surfing experience more interactive. This also means that the website publishers will be getting another tool to experiment with for increasing their productivity.

Many publishers have already started using the Web Story feature of the app for a number of works. Some of the big web publishers who have started using the Google app’s story feature are- Forbes, USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, PC Gamer, etc. According to Google, around 2,000 stories have been published till date.

The Google story feature is likely to be launched in selected markets first. US, India and Brazil will be the first few countries who will be getting this Google app feature, before the rest of the world. The Web Story feature of Google will be introduced to the users in the upcoming few days.

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