Google strikes deal with Asus for Stadia. Read Full report here

Google has signed a deal with Gaming Hardware and Smartphone making company- Asus, which would see upcoming Asus Smartphones coming pre-installed with Google Stadia. For the uninitiated, Google Stadia is a cloud-based game streaming service of google, that allow the players to play games at up to 4k resolution, by streaming over the internet.

Google Stadia Gamepad

Google strikes deal with Asus for Stadia. Read Full report here

The Stadia deal is likely to cover most of the high-end Asus smartphones and would be valid until 2021. The agreement has been made for the US, UK, Canada, and various European countries. The most likely smartphone that would be featuring pre-installed Stadia is the Asus Rog 3. Asus Rog series of smartphones are developed for Mobile gamers and feature good processors, GPU, and high capacity RAMs.

Bundling the Google Stadia with Asus Smartphones is a wise approach on behalf of Google, as it would help Google’s Stadia to reach a large number of Asus smartphone users. The Stadia related deal in between Google and Asus also open doors for other smartphone manufacturers to collaborate with Google for pre-installing Stadia on their smartphones.

After the lackluster release of the Google Stadia, Google is making a number of changes to their plans for improving the business prospect of Stadia. The Google Stadia was recently made available for Non-Pixel smartphones on February 20th, 2020. Previously Stadia was a Pixel exclusive Gaming service.

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With Stadia, Google is trying to compete with popular gaming consoles like- PS4 and Xbox. It is yet to be seen how the Stadia deal in between Google and Asus would be received by the Asus smartphone users. The Google Stadia service is currently available in 14 countries worldwide.

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