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Google News: In an attempt to clean the Playstore of disruptive apps, Google has recently deleted around 600 Android apps from the play store. The reason for deleting these apps has been that they were violating two of the company policies regarding advertising. The Google policies which were violated by these apps are Disruptive Ad policy and Disallowed Interstitial policy. Disruptive Ad policy forbids ads which are shown in unexpected ways, and results in unwanted ad clicks by users, whereas, Disallowed Interstitial policy prohibits apps from showing ads if the app is running in the background, i.e., when the user is not using the app.

Google News
Google News


Google informed about the removal of these 600 disruptive apps, through a post on the official website of Google on Security and Safety on the Internet. All of these removed apps have also been barred from the Google Ad Mob and Google Ad Manager Monetization Platforms. Hence, these apps will no longer be able to earn revenue for their creators via google’s Monetization Platform. According to Google, Mobile ad frauds has become a big concern that can be harmful to advertisers, publishers, and user, in one way or the other. For the users, disruptive ads hamper the proper functioning of the apps, which results in a bad experience. On the other hand, advertisers have to spend more due to unintentional ad clicks by users of the app.

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For being able to detect such apps that indulge in this malicious practice, Google has created an “innovative Machine-Learning based approach”. After finding out a large number of Malicious apps a few months ago, Google is leaving no stones unturned to make the Play store secure and reliable. In the last few months, Google has deleted a majority of Malicious apps from the Playstore. The removal of these 600 apps is the latest step taken by Google to ensure that their play store’s ad services are kept reliable for both advertisers and users.

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