Google Play Music shutting down it’s services

Google Play Music has stopped working on various Android smartphones. Many users have reported that they are not being able to play music and access their created libraries on the app. The website of the Google play music ( has also removed from the internet.Due to this inaccessibility of both the Android app and website, it is speculated that the Google Music is getting removed from both the playstore and the internet.

Whenever the users are opening the Google Music app they are being shown two buttons- One for transferring their music library to the YouTube Music. While the other button can be clicked upon for downloading and deleting their music library & recommendation history from the Google Music Website.

The users will be able to transfer their music library to YouTube Music for preventing the lose of their favorite song library. This means that Google wants to put forward YouTube Music as a replacement for the Google music.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music was providing it’s services from the year 2011. Google Play Music has more than 5 billion downloads with 4.0 stars rating in the Play Store. Back in the month of August, Google announced that it would be decommissioning the app. In recent times, Google has not made any announcement in this regards. Google Music is likely to be slowly removed from all Android smartphones with time.

This is not the first app that Google had to abandon. Previously, Google had to remove it’s social media app called G+ from the playstore. G+ was removed from the playstore on 2nd April, 2019 after it was not able to become a popular social media app.

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