Google Announces Android 11 Go for low end Smartphones. Read full article here

Google has announced the Android 11 Go for low budget Smartphones. The announcement was made two days ago on Thursday. Android 11 Go comes with a variety of attractive features such as enhanced download speed and more. The announcement of the Android 11 Go was made by Sagar Kamdar who is the VP of product management in Android, though his blog.

Google Announces Android 11 Go for low end Smartphones

Google claims that the Go edition of Android 11 will be able to launch apps 20% percent faster then the Go Edition of Android 10. This means that the users would be able to seamlessly switch in between apps. The Go Edition of Android 11 will also show all your message apps at one place so that you can easily view all your messages from all the different apps with minimal efforts. Google also claims that apart from these good features, the Android 11 Go would ensure the safety and privacy of the users.

For maintaining the safety and privacy, Android 11 Go will have the same Android Privacy Protection technology, that is used by latest android Smartphones. The new privacy protection features will reset the users microphone, camera and other sensor permissions in situations when these sensors haven’t been used for a longer duration.
By automatically resetting the sensor related persmissions, the Android 11 Go will ensure that the sensors of the users’ smartphones are kept away from unauthorized access. This means that the users will be asked for sensor access permissions frequently and would be able to decide when to give such permissions and when to avoid giving such permissions.

Another useful Android 11 Go privacy feature would be the Safe Folder. The Safe Folder would be available in the files app of Google and prevent others from accessing the files on a person’s smartphone by setting 4 digit encrypted access pin.

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With all these features Android 11 Go seems to be a very good Android Operating System update for Low budget smartphones. If your smartphone has 2 GB or lower RAM then do look forward to Android 11 Go for better user experience.

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