Google adding big gaming-related features in Android 12 | Onedroit

Google has recently announced its ‘Android Game Development Kit’, which will enable the Android Game creators to utilize some advanced features and improve their Android Game development process by preventing them from constantly switching in between variety of different developer tools. Google has also announced that Android 12 would allow the users to plays games, as they get downloaded from the Play Store.

Android 12

The ability to play games while they are being downloaded will be useful for players when they would be downloading android games which are large in size. This feature is currently available in some gaming platforms such as Blizzard’s and EA’s Origin Access. The ‘play while downloading’ feature will be available for those games, which would be developed using the ‘Play Asset Delivery System’. This means that not all the Android games would support play while downloading feature.

Play Store currently provides users with the ‘Instant Play’ feature, in some games such as- Garena Free Fire, which enables the players to try playing the game online, before downloading.

google play store instant play feature

The Android Game Development Kit aims to reduce the amount of fragmentation by enabling almost all tools & libraries to work on majority of Android versions, and it is going to be updated in the future to support new Android features. The kit will also have tools for developers to monitor CPU and GPU performance of their Android games. The developers will also be able to turn on Telemetry in their games, with the help of Android Performance Tuner.

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