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Dos & Don'ts

In today’s world people are very busy with their work and don’t have time to pay attention to small small things happening around them. Due to their busy lifestyle and sometimes lack of appropriate knowledge they are likely to become vulnerable to various kinds of frauds. Today we have come with the list of things you should do, along with things you shouldn’t do while doing a transaction in a ATM for preventing any kind of frauds.

Dos & Don’ts while doing an ATM transaction


1. Enter your ATM pin by covering the buttons with your hand.

2. Always remember to take your card out of the ATM machine after the transaction.

3. Press the ‘Cancel’ button before leaving the ATM. This would cancel any ongoing transaction on your card and would help prevent ATM based frauds. There are instances when people do a transaction in an ATM but the machine takes time to disburse the cash amount.

In such a situation some people are likely to take out their ATM card and leave, which may result in money coming out of the machine after they leave. This may lead to theft of money. In order to prevent such a thing from happening one should always press the ‘Cancel’ button on the ATM to abort any ongoing transaction before leaving the ATM.

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4. Use the reflective metal at the top corner of the ATM to lookout for people looking at you while you are doing a transaction. This will make you aware of your environment and prevent people from knowing your bank details.

5. Before doing any transaction on an ATM machine, check to ensure that there is no card skimming machine attached to the ATM. Card Skimmers are devices which steals valuable information from your ATM card. These information are later used by cybercriminals to steal money. If you find any card skimmer on an ATM machine then don’t do any transaction on the machine and inform your bank branch.

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6. There are rare times when ATM deducts more money from the account than the amount withdrawn or takes the deposit of money but doesn’t credit it to the account. In such a case, you should report the problem to your bank as early as possible so that the problem can be solved.


1. Do not take help from strangers while doing a transaction in an ATM, especially in a metropolitan city. People in small cities & country side may genuinely lend hand to help you if you are not able to do a transaction, but the same can’t be said for people in a busy metropolitan city.

If you unknowingly allow a criminal to use your card in the name of him/her helping you, then you are likely to get cheated. There are many ways in which people are cheated. Criminals sometimes swap the ATM card of their victim with a fake card after knowing their card number and Pincode. They later use card of their victim takeout their money.

2. Do not write down your PIN on your ATM card or cover. Writing your PIN on your ATM card can result in withdrawal of your money by criminals if they are able to get their hands on your card. Also don’t share you PIN with anybody.

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3. Do not do big money transactions in a remote empty ATM, with few people roaming around doing nothing. Such people may be petty criminals/fraudsters in lookout for their next target. Always do big ATM transactions in well lit ATMs which are located in good localities. This will reduce your chances of becoming a victim of money snatchers.

4. Don’t throw your ATM mini statements anywhere. If done so then criminals can view them to gather your information like last digits of account, your bank balance, etc. Although the information contained in mini statement is less, clever theives and criminals can use this information to plan attack on unsuspecting victims.

5. Don’t keep your phone silent while doing transactions in an ATM and see received messages as soon as you receive them to know whether the withdrawal or deposit of the money has been successfully completed or not. incase of any fraud, you will be able to take immediate action based on the received message.

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We hope that you were able to find something important and helpful from this article (Dos & Don’ts while doing an ATM transaction).

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