Diablo Immortal (Upcoming game for both android and iOS) – what we know so far?

Diablo Immortal is an upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Action RPG and is the latest installment in the Diablo franchise. The game is being developed by Netease games and would be distributed by Blizzard Entertainment. Netease Games has previously worked on android games like- Crusaders of Light and Survivor Royale.

Diablo Immortal (Upcoming game for both android and iOS)- what we know so far?

For Diablo Immortal, Blizzard is fully shifting its focus from PC and consoles to Android and iOS. Diablo Immortal is being created exclusively for both Android and iOS platforms. This move is being heavily criticized the current fan base of Diablo. According to recent updates, the game development on Diablo Immortal is almost complete.
For the uninitiated, Diablo is an Role Playing Game (RPG) series. Till date a total of 3 major Games have been released under the Diablo series alongwith a number of Expansion packs. Diablo games are set in a fictitious world called Sanctuary. The main gameplay consists of killing demons using Magical spells and hack attacks.


The story of the Diablo Immortal is set in between the events of Diablo 2: Lord’s of Destruction and Diablo 3. After the worldstone is shattered, it’s fragments start corrupting the surrounding. The demons are now looking for ways to harness the power of the fragments. Skarn, the Herald of Terror and the most powerful lieutinent of Diablo commands a large army of demons. The main goal of Skarn is to collect all the fragments of the Worldstone so that Diablo can be brought back to the Sanctuary.


The players would have to choose from a total of 6 heroic classes, which would be Monk, Demon Hunter, Necromancer, Barbarian, Wizard and Crusader. Depending upon the class chosen by the player, he/she would have different attributes. For eg.- if a player would choose barbarian class then he would have more strength, but would lack in attributes like intelligence. Similarly, the attack options & skill set of the players would be different for different classes. All the classes would also be customizable according to the preferences of the players.


Diablo Immortal has two types of controls located at the lower left and right sides of the screen. The controls located at the left side are direction controls which would allow the players to move their characters in any direction. Whereas, on the lower right side lies the skills & attack controls which would enable the players to fight demon bosses and their minions. There would be around 4 or 5 skills & attack controls, which would provide the players with plenty of attack options.


Judging by whatever is shown in the trailer, the character designs are looking reminiscent to those seen in the Diablo 3 game. The backgrounds are both colorful as well as dark and gritty depending upon the location. The character movements are also looking good. In overall, the graphics of Immortal are looking great for a smartphone game title.


The game would be having a number of zones. Some of the zones included in the game are- the town of Wortham, Bilefen Island and the ancient library of Zoltun Kulle. Each zone would bring new challenges for the players. The players would be able to explore the zones and dungeons for loot items. The zones would also have familiar characters from the past installments of the Diablo games. Each zone would have various unique quests which can be taken by the players to proceed forward in the game.


Diablo Immortal is mainly focusing on the Multiplayer aspect of the game, in order to replicate the success of other popular MMOARPGs and/or online smartphone games. The players will be able to complete missions and quests alongwith their friends or other players across the world. The game would allow the players to interact with new players while roaming in the wilds of the sanctuary or while trading in the city of WestMarch. The Blizzard Battle.net UI would allow players to chat with others even during intense battles. Diablo Immortal also boasts on the ability to easily enter or exit from groups during the game.

Diablo Immortal would be bringing the online Demon slaying action to our handheld devices. So, if you are looking for a good Multiplayer RPG, then keep your eyes on Diablo Immortal, which seems to have all the requisite elements for an enjoyable game. Though the game has been surrounded by criticism from the day of it’s unveiling in Blizzcon 2018, it still seems like a good game for our Smartphones.

The game is currently available for pre-registration. If you are interested to get early access to the game and want to help the developers with testing the game, then you can pre register for the game through your Google play app or by visiting DiabloImmortal.com.

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