Commander Keen announced for Android and iOS

Commander Keen for smartphone: Bethesda announced the Commander Keen game for Android and iOS in the E3 2019 which was held on 9th June. Commander Keen is a game created by ID Software and was acquired by Bethesda in 2009. The new Commander Keen would be a free to play smartphone game that is being developed by Zeni Max Online Studios. Zeni Max has previously worked on The Elder Scrolls Online.

Commander Keen for smartphone

Commander Keen for smartphone Android and iOS

Commander Keen’s gameplay trailer has hinted that the game would be a 2D platforming game just like the classic Commander Keen games. The art style of the game has also been revamped and is now reminiscent to that of the cartoon shows.

For the uninitiated, Commander Keen is a 2D platform game for MS-DOS which was released in the year 1990. It is the first game developed by the ID Software, which also worked on games like- Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, etc. The game was previously published by Apogee before being acquired by Bethesda. The commander Keen games has garnered both critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.

The story of the game revolves around twin kids named- Billy and Billie, who are on a mission to rescue their “Dadmiral Keen” from the alien bosses. During the game, the players will have to fight against various weird and wacky looking alien creatures. The game is also going to have a “Billie vs. Billy” mode, where the player will be competing against another player, as Billy or Billie.

Commander Keen for smartphone

Commander Keen is likely to release sometime in the month of August, this year. The game is currently available for pre-registration at the official website for Commander Keen. All those who would pre-register for the game would be getting an exclusive in game space costume.

The announcement of the game has been received with mostly negative feedbacks from the fans of the classic MS-Dos games. The fans are unhappy due to the fact that the game is being developed for the smartphone platform instead of being developed for PC or Console. Both the trailer and the gameplay of the Commander Keen have more dislikes in comparison to the number of likes on Youtube.

Commander Keen for smartphone

The announcement of Commander Keen for smartphone is receiving backlash similar to the one received by Blizzard during Diablo Immortal’s Announcement. It seems that big game developing companies are “Keen” to launch AAA game titles for mobile platforms, but the established audience are not looking forward to such games. It would be interesting to see how these games would be received by the mobile gamers, as they would be playing a crucial role in determining the future of such mobile games.

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