Third-party Android Keyboard App supplying scammers with your valuable information

After conducting a study researchers from a mobile technology firm called- Upstream, have found that an Android Keyboard app is stealing valuable information from its users. The app is making its users vulnerable by providing the scammers with ways to steal a variety of information from the users. The Android keyboard app that we are talking about is “ai.type” keyboard app.

Android Keyboard App


ai.type Android keyboard app supplying stealing your information

AI.type Keyboard App is a very popular Emoji Keyboard available in the Google Playstore. It has been downloaded more than 5 million times and has a rating of 4.5 stars. During the study the researchers have found that ai.type keyboard app subscribes it’s users to premium third-party services without their consent. In addition, the app also doesn’t notify it’s users after subscribing them to various premium third party services.

The app also initiates a number of transactions in the background which has the potential to steal money from its unsuspecting users. During the study, it was found that the app tried to initiate 14 million suspicious transactions by sending transaction requests. The request for the transactions were made from a total of 110,000 devices which were under scrutiny during the study.

Apart from the attempt to carry out malicious transactions, ai.type keyboard is also supplying generic information of the users to various advertising networks. The number website clicks and the purchase details of the users are the information that is being leaked by this app.

In order to prevent themselves, the users are advised to uninstall the ai.type app from their phones as soon as possible. The users should also check their bank accounts for ensuring that no transactions have been carried by the ai.type app. If any suspicious transaction has been done by the app, the users must immediately contact their bank to block the transaction, if possible. We also recommend the users to use the default Google keyboard while doing any kind of online transaction for preventing themselves from any kind of scams.

Within the past few months, a large numbers of malicious apps have been found to have infested the Google Playstore. AI.type is the latest malicious app that has been found in the Google Playstore, thanks to the study conducted by Upstream. Though Google is trying its level best to remove such apps from the Playstore, it has not able to provide its users with a secure platform. Since Playstore is open for all to upload their apps, new malicious apps always find various ways to creep into the platform. Therefore, one should exercise caution while selecting apps for installing in their smart devices.

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